MaiHanh, mother of 4

Founder & advisor

“The tutor is, without doubt, one of the most talented tutors I have met and has made an important contribution to my children’s confidence, education and achievements. She has helped my daughter re-build her confidence and thrive academically; to re-discover her love of learning; and to learn that hard work delivers results.

~ 11+ SW3 London mother


After going through London’s top schools’ testing and admissions process with my own children, friends started to ask for my advice. And then friends of friends. I realised that I could use my extensive experience and deep knowledge of schools and exam processes to help other families in the same way. To date, my specialty is helping students gain admission to top academic independent and grammar schools in London and its environs:

I graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. where I majored in Finance and Economics. After graduation, I worked as an Analyst and Associate in Mergers & Acquisitions and capital markets at J.P. Morgan on Wall Street. I was also Vice-President in private equity at Emigrant Capital in NYC, focusing on the education industry. In 2001, I formed Silk Road Capital Advisors, Ltd. to help e-learning companies raise start-up and expansion capital.

After I had my family, I took 14 years off work to raise and educate my children. Through 2 international relocations to London over a period of 5 years and in the process put my children through competitive entry exams, I gained tremendous experience and insights into the London school scene from primary to secondary schools. I hope to help other families in the same way.

What makes me an effective tutor is my innate curiosity and passion for education that come through in my teachings. In addition, I can relate to children and find that elusive connection by inhabiting their space. On the other hand, my ten-year experience as a Wall Street professional means that I am focused on delivering results with special attention to productivity and efficiency. This delicate dual balance means that I satisfy the needs of both the student and the parents.

Art, music, gardens, cuisine, architecture, poetry, photography, design, literature, film–all creative endeavours are important and bring inspirations to me, all of which I hope to impart to my students. I would like them to have a passion for learning and experience the thrill of discovering the world.

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