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“The tutor instilled a competitive and fighting spirit in our son, making him understand that success comes with hard work and perseverance. While our son will certainly have many teachers in life, the tutor will always be very special to him, widening his horizon and giving him the tools to think analytically. We are so happy with our results that we have entrusted our daughter to Metal Rocks for the 11+.”

~13+ SW London parents

Metal Rocks Entrance Results 2021

Summer 2021   Dear Families, What a rollercoaster year it has been! Across the board in all exam entry points, there were a lot of uncertainties surrounding exam and interview formats, whether standardized tests or proprietary papers, whether online or in-person....

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The Bad News About Helicopter Parenting: It Works

You can't swing a dead cat in central London without hitting an anxious, unsure adult walking with a parenting book.  We used to be just "parents" but now we're Tiger Moms, Hipster Dads, Permissive Parents. We fly helicopters, drive snow plows, and have "parenting...

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Is grit overrated? NO!

As a follow-on to my recent email about ‘Winners: Made or Born”, this article in the The Atlantic Magazine (May 2016) talks about the importance of grit to career and academic successes. In particular, it discusses the argument in Angela Duckworth’s new book, “Grit”,...

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China’s Eton envy – why they love our posh boys

So you think China's greatest economic concern in the UK is Hinkley Point?  Think again. Here, The Spectator calls an English public school education our "greatest single industry" which is why, when you visit Eton, you will be joined by busloads of education-obsessed...

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How to maximise learning effectiveness

All children are capable of great things. Those who perform well in exams tend to achieve greatness rather more rapidly and with less stress for their relatives than those who freak out at the very thought of a test, let alone a GCSE or A-level. Here are some...

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Forget what you know about good study habits

Studying in a quiet, private space is best, right?  That's not what the research finds best.  Intensive immersion in a topic is the best way to study, as everyone knows?  Nope.  Are you a "visual learner"?  There is no such thing. The article below summarizing the...

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Helping a worrier become a warrior

By KJ DELL'ANTONIA February 8, 2013   Is your child a warrior, or a worrier? That cute — and memorable — phrasing comes from “Why Can Some Kids Handle Pressure While Others Fall Apart?” by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman (famous for “Nurture Shock” and now the...

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How can we improve how much students remember?

I try to implement the following knowledge in my teachings. Here they are in three words: examples, practice and quizzes. Worked examples, extended practice and frequent quizzes are much-underestimated and under-valued, but there’s a huge volume of scientific research...

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Why tough teachers get good results

Just wanted to share an interesting article on education in the Wall Street Journal that applies to parenting because ultimately you are your child's best teacher. Notice principle number 2 ("drill and practise") and why I always stress that all my students do the xxx...

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Metal Rocks Entrance Results 2019

Dear Families and Friends,   With summer finally here and day and boarding school results pretty much finalised, I would like to summarise Metal Rocks’ most recent results. Overall, I am very pleased that each of my students received an offer of a place at his or...

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Educating children with ADHD

Very interesting article on ADHD children. For parents and educators, this is an important reminder that not every child fits into the traditional mold. The key is to find the appropriate space for an ADHD child to flourish and to tap into his/her unique energy....

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Language acquisition

How can schools and teachers tell best whether a child is "academic"? The surest way is how well-read he or she is and the written and spoken vocabulary used. You can help your child be life-long learners by encouraging the love of words.  Word Games Children learn...

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