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I never understood why people buy phony exams from random websites when they can have their child take actual school entrance papers for free.  What better 11+ practice papers and 13+ practice papers can there be?

I offer by far the largest collection of free eleven plus past papers and thirteen plus past papers available anywhere: over 180 schools and over 4,600 exams.  Each and every day, we upload exam answer keys with detailed explanations for sale and also post hundreds of basic answers for free.  To search for any of our thousands of exams by school, age or topic, simply use the search function on the left.

7+ sample papers, 8+ entrance exams, 9+ specimen tests, 10+ admissions tests, 11+ past papers, 12+ past papers, 13+ answer keys, 14+ exemplars, Sixth Form entry exams and every permutation possible: we’ve got them all for you below.

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