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Education advisors & private tutors for competitive London day schools & top boarding schools in UK
Specialists in entrance and scholarship exams at 4+, 7+, 8+, 11+ & 13+
Experienced, knowledgeable & passionate about education
Focused on delivering results

What we offer

7+ & 8+ exams

7+ & 8+ exams


11+ & 13+ exams


Scholarship prep

Scholarship prep




Exam papers

Extensive selection of Maths & English past papers for 7+, 11+ and 13+ to help you prepare your child at home.

Why we rock

“She is a patient and calm teacher and her knowledge of the requirements and standards sought by the top London schools is a great asset that cannot be undervalued.”

~11+ SW1 mother

“The tutor’s extensive knowledge and experience of the admission requirements of the UK’s leading academic schools and her ability to keep her young students motivated, focused and results-driven differentiate her from other tutors.”

~8+ London mother

“YESSSS!!!!I am soooooo happyyyyy! Thank you so much for your amazing job. We would not have done it without you!!”

~11+ SW3 mother

“What Metal Rocks helped them achieve went beyond good exam results. The boys became academically ambitious and intellectually curious young men. We unreservedly recommend Metal Rocks. They’re excellent at helping children achieve their potential.”

~13+ SW1 London family

“Please can I add my heartfelt thanks? You have been our tutor/advisor/therapist! The school will no doubt attempt to take credit for the five school offers received, but we know they were nothing more than bystanders as you orchestrated every aspects of this phenomenal results with aplomb.”

~parents of 11+ boy

“After the assessment, the tutor was able to pinpoint with astonishing accuracy her strengths and weaknesses. She must be magic with children! Incidentally, one of our acquaintances tried to get their daughter into the same school at 4+ and 7+ but was again unsuccessful. All we can say is that she should have been prepped by Metal Rocks!”

~7+ NW1 London mother

 “In the world of little information about the ever-changing admission standards, we actually were quite surprised to be guided so accurately when the crunch time came.

They are Educational Rock Stars!”

~7+ Wimbledon family  

“What a perfect year! Three offers for 3 kids from 3 top schools: Eton, St. Paul’s Junior & Bute House. Thank you with all of my heart, Metal Rocks!”

~ 7+ & 13+ Notting Hill mother

“With expert training from Metal Rocks, the entry process became an exercise in executing against a clear plan…we believe that Metal Rocks gave our son an edge in the process.”

~11+ SW1 London father

“Underpinning the teachings was the vast knowledge and experience of the pre-test requirements for all the top schools. If there is anything they don’t know about the intricacies of the entry process for the top London day schools and top UK boarding schools, then it is not worth knowing.”

~ 13+ SW1 London parents of twin boys

“Right from the start they had great insight into the schools we were applying for, and we realised that to be in contention for these top academic schools, we would need to raise the standard of work being covered and approach the material differently.”

~11+ mother

“The tutor is, without doubt, one of the most talented tutors I have met. She has helped my daughter re-build her confidence and thrive academically; to re-discover her love of learning; and to learn that hard work delivers results.”

~11+ London mother

“She is a patient and calm teacher and her knowledge of the requirements and standards sought by the top London schools is a great asset that cannot be undervalued.”

~London mother of 11+ girl

“We’re deeply grateful to you for putting such a determined effort into the children achieving their potential. You’ve been an incredible source of energy, an inspiration for our son.”

~11+ Chelsea mother of 2

“Equally important and uniquely among tutors, she was also a great mentor to us parents. Without her guidance, emotional support and knowledge throughout the entire process from beginning until end, we wondered how we could have ever survived this emotional rollercoaster process for two children!”

~8+ & 11+ W1 London mother  

“Most importantly, your influence made her entirely change her outlook to education. We discovered that she has a newfound determination, focus and persistence that were not evident before. We could see her previous fear of taking risks with new concepts was now replaced by the sheer joy of learning.”

~7+ W1 London mother

“In our first meeting, the tutor set out in a clear and concise manner how to prepare our son and we felt almost immediately that this was a very different approach to what we had previously experienced.”

~parents of 11+ boy

“We cannot thank Metal Rocks enough on behalf of our son and family. We only wish we had not previously wasted so much precious time with mediocre tutors. We listened to the advice, carried out all directions and received offers from all three top choice schools, a result beyond our wildest dreams. The hardest part quickly became choosing one school!”

~11+ NW London family

“From the beginning, the tutor said she’d prepare our son with exactly the same enthusiasm, skill and energy she applied to the preparation of her own children for similarly competitive schools and that’s exactly what she delivered. We could not have asked for more.”

~11+ boy of Mill Hill family

How we roll

Results oriented

Results oriented

Successfully placed children in top UK independent schools and improved academic performances
Extensive Experience

Extensive Experience

Over 25 years of professional & teaching experience
Tailored Program

Tailored Program

Every child is different. We determine how best a student learns and work to their strengths
Holistic Approach

Holistic Approach

Develop the whole student academically, mentally, emotionally and socially for long-term success
Professional Service

Professional Service

Responsive, responsible, trustworthy, proactive and reliable

When to contact

What are the entry requirements for the competitive London independent schools?
Does my child meet these requirements?
Can you assess my child for our targeted schools?
How do I enhance my child’s competitive edge?
How can we improve my child’s overall academic performance, thereby boosting self-confidence?
What can we do to help our children do better at school?

What to read

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Why tough teachers get good results

Just wanted to share an interesting article on education in the Wall Street Journal that applies to parenting because ultimately you are your child's best teacher. Notice principle number 2 ("drill and practise") and why I always stress that all my students do the xxx...

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Latest Metal Rocks results

Dear Families and Friends, With summer finally here and day and boarding school results pretty much finalised, I would like to summarise Metal Rocks’ most recent results. Overall, I am very pleased that each of my students received an offer of a place at his or her...

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