“In our first meeting, the tutor set out in a clear and concise manner how she would prepare our son and we felt almost immediately that this was a very different approach to what we had previously experienced. We immediately recognised that the service offered was unique, bespoke and exactly what we had been looking for. We received offers from all 3 top schools, a result beyond our wildest dreams.”

~11+ N10 London parents

Take control of your child’s education


“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”  Indeed.  And Mark Twain didn’t even have to worry about Common Entrance.  I would add, with apologies to Clemenceau, that your child’s education is too important to be left to the Headmasters.

It’s an educational minefield determining the right school for your child or wondering whether he or she has the potential and is emotionally ready for an academic school.  So many schools, so little time, so much to consider: Where does one start?

Whether you live in Lagos, Mumbai, Mid-Levels, Manchester or Mayfair, we can deliver clarity and help you to make informed decisions.

Parents should be armed with the tools and information to make the right choice for their child. We meet with many anxious parents around the world to discuss, among other things, the hot topics below. Please get in touch if you have similar questions and would like to be in informed control of your child’s education.

Metal Rocks can help:

We are thinking or targeting the following 7+/11+/13+ schools. When is a good time to start prepping?
What are the academic standards desired by our targeted schools and how best can we get there?
What are the academic standards desired by our targeted schools and how best can we get there?
Can you assess our child to see whether he or she has the potential for our targeted schools?
We don’t feel our school is preparing our child well for the targeted school. Can you help?
We are considering boarding as well as day schools. Which ones are suitable for our child?
We know it’s still early to start formal preparations for the 7+/11+/13+. What can we do at home now to prepare gently?
Given it’s still early to start formal prep, can you put together an academic study plan for our child so we can prepare at home?
Can our child meet with you periodically to ensure he or she is making good progress for our targeted schools?