“When it comes to preparing for entry to top academic independent and grammar schools, we find it difficult to believe there is a better 11+ tutor in London! The tutor’s combination of holistic approach and in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the application process proved invaluable. She demonstrated a level of professional service and responsiveness we’ve not seen outside of top-tier international professional service firms.”

~11+ London Father

Families we’ve helped



SW London Parents:

“We did not grow up in the UK and were wholly unfamiliar with the 11+. The tutor was incredibly helpful in demystifying the process and worked hand in hand with our family in delivering results from 6 schools, including St Paul’s Girls’ School, Wycombe Abbey, City of London School for Girls and North London Collegiate.

We have been continually impressed with the tutor’s track record, knowledge and ability to coax the best out of a 10-year old who was not always as focused as we would liked! Above all, our daughter looked forward to her sessions and clearly enjoyed spending time and learning from the tutor. She has also now developed into a confident, mature young lady and we are convinced that having a mentor of this high quality made a massive difference.”

SW London Family:

“We highly recommend Metal Rocks as a superb and dedicated educator with unparalled knowledge of the 13+ process. As a result, our son was successful in gaining admissions to Westminster, St. Paul’s, Eton, Winchester and City of London School.

We were new to this 13+ journey and had limited knowledge due to not being educated in the UK. We sought help because we were not convinced that the school’s preparation alone would be adequate for him to succeed.

Our journey started with an assessment of our son. We were impressed with how quicky the tutor was able to assess his strengths and weaknesses as well as read his character and identify the best way to work with him for maximum results. The prep process was meticulous so that there were no surprises as to what to expect. The tutor kept our son motivated and intellectually challenged such that he developed a “can do” attitude. Even though we are so very happy with the excellent results, we are more grateful that our son has an appreciation and understanding that the “journey” matters as much as the destination. While our will certainly have many teachers in his life, the tutor will always be very special to him.

Finally, as parents, we would like to once again express our gratitude to Metal Rocks for holding our hands during this journey. At times, explaining the process and calming our anxiety became a “full-time” job”, yet the tutor dealt with it with calmness and dedication. We wouldn’t have done it without her! We are so happy with the results that we have entrusted our daughter to Metal Rocks for the 11+.”


 West London Family:

“Being new to the UK educational system, we were completely lost, especially how to navigate the competitive London schools’ 7+ exam process.  We were not only seeking answers but someone to guide us through every step of this daunting process. They know what the top schools are looking for and what it takes to successfully prepare for these exams. We were meticlulously guided on both academic and non-academic matters and their attention to details and astute advice are truly remarkable. The 7+ process was emotionally draining and, at the end, our son received offers from Top 3 London schools.  We couldn’t have done it without the formidable, talented and nuturing Metal Rocks!!” 

NW London Family:

“Having been successfully guided by Metal Rocks for 8+ at Westminster Under School, we knew that they would be best to support my daughter for 7+ and we didn’t think to look elsewhere. The entire 7+ preparation was thorough, holistic and targeted, which maximised chance of success. Covid and lockdown created a new set of challenges and obstacles and they adapted accordingly. Overall, through this process my daughter grew in terms of confidence, academic ability and maturity.

The tutor has always stressed that the skills developed in the process are not just to pass an exam but to flourish at their next school and beyond. My daughter received a number of offers from top academic girls schools, including Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls and South Hampstead High Junior School.” 

SW London Family:

“Although this was our 2nd 7+ journey together and we thought we knew a lot about it already, the tutor still managed to surprise us along the way with constant insightful advice and amazing guidance. For that, we’ll be forever grateful. After an initial assessment, the tutor knew straight away not only his strengths and weaknesses but also identified his personality and predicted how he’d react to various educational methods. Onwards, she nurtured those traits and it ultimately culminated in offers from St Paul’s Juniors and King’s College Wimbledon, our top choices. Furthermore, at SPSJr he achieved top cohort marks for Maths and Reasoning. The few days before the exams, everyone in the house slept really well and our son approached the tests with high confidence and actual joy. Metal Rocks truly are ‘educational rock stars’!”

Hong Kong Family:

“I am more than happy with my daughter’s 11+ results–Academic Scholarship from Benenden and Unconditional Offer from Wycombe Abbey– and it is in no small part due to the tutor. I am especially grateful for the tutor’s calm and collected teaching manner and meticulous approach to test and interview preparation. She helped my daughter feel at ease about what she needed to accomplish and instil in her the confidence to perform well and succeed. I was pleasantly surprised when my daughter came home saying she thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and was so engaged that time flew by without her noticing at all.”

Mill Hill Family:

“We had worked with several prominent private tutor groups in central London but were not satisfied with our son’s progress and the lack of any sense of urgency in his 11+ preparation. Metal Rocks set out in a clear and concise manner how to prepare our son and we felt almost immeditately that this approach was different to what we had previously experienced. The strategy encompassed not only the academic aspects of the entry process, but also extra-curricular activities and overall presentation of our application in an effective, holistic approach.

Within a few weeks of starting, our son’s improvement in English and Maths became very apparent. Our son loved his lessons and never complained about attending them. The tutor instilled in him the virtues of discipline, dedication and determination as well as a desire, curiosity and love of learning–all of which will stay with him long after the exams and serve him well throughout his academic years and beyond.

A combination of holistic approach and in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the application process proved invaluable. The tutor orchestrated the entire process for us and we received offers from all three top choice schools, a result beyond our wildest dreams. The hardest part quickly became having to choose one school!

We can’t thank Metal Rocks enough on behalf of our son and family. We didn’t hesistate to retain them to help with our second son. We only wished we had not wasted so much precious time with mediocre tutors before we found Metal Rocks. When it comes to preparing for all aspects of entry process to top academic independent and grammar schools, we find it diffcult the believe that there can be a better tutor in London.”

St John’s Wood Family:

“St. Paul’s, Eton, Highgate, City & UCS–all in the bag! From the start, you have targeted his learning from the Pretest to each of the subsequent exams and interviews to get us to this dream position. Looking forward, he is now well poised to be in the top sets at school, moving up from second sets. With the ongoing work, he is highly to be in the scholarship sets, too! Thank you for taking him under your wings–he has grown in confidence and ability significantly in the past 8 months.”

Son, Year 6:

“I used to loathe Geography but now I enjoy it as your teaching helped me a lot. Also, comprehension seemed so daunting but now is a piece of cake. Finally, through the depths of complex algebra or the mountains of geometry, the two things you have helped me with the most are logical thinking and word problems.”

Islington Family:

“After the assessment, the tutor was able to pinpoint with astonishing accuracy her strengths and weaknesses and even suggested an alternate academically selective school. It is worth pointing out that my daughter is quite shy and usually refuses to be left with anybody without me or my husband. However, with this tutor she was immediately comfortable and was happy to wave me off! She must be magic with children! With less than a month’s preparation, our daughter was accepted to a wonderful girls’ school and we are looking forward to this next chapter of her life. Incidentally, we have since discovered that one of our acquaintances had tried to get their daughter into the very same school, trying at 4+ and then now at 7+. This child has been prepped and tutored since she was 3, but was again unsuccessful on this occasion. All we can say is that she should have been prepped by Metal Rocks!”

Chelsea Family:

“We both are deeply grateful to you for putting such a determined effort into the children achieving their potential. You have been an incredible source of energy and inspiration for our son. Thank you truly for all the support and hard work. We hope we will be able to continue in the future.”

Belgravia Family:

“Our twin boys were offered places at Eton College, St. Paul’s School, Winchester College and Harrow. We have no hesitation in saying that this excellent outcome would not have been possible without Metal Rocks. We realised very quickly that what they offered was more than exam tutoring, something broader and more valuable–an academically rigorous and broad education. Underpinning the teachings was the vast knowledge and experience of the pre-test requirements for all the top schools. If there is anything they don’t know about the intricacies of the entry process for the top London day schools and top UK boarding schools, then it is not worth knowing.

In the end, though both boys received offers from excellent schools, what Metal Rocks helped them achieve went beyond good exam results. The boys became academically ambitious and intellectually curious young men. For these reasons, we unreservedly recommend Metal Rocks. They are excellent at helping children achieve their potential.”

NW London Family:

“Thank you for not only being an education consultant to us, but our friend, philosopher and guide through the stressful 7+ assessment period. As a result, our daughter managed to get an offer from our first choice school, Bute House.

When we first met you, little did we know what a stupendous, life-altering journey our daughter would face while working with you. You strengthened and solidified her core concepts such that the quality of her work improved in all aspects. Most importantly, your influence made her entirely change her outlook to education. We discovered that she has a newfound determination, focus and persistence that were not evident before. We could see her previous fear of taking risks with new concepts was now replaced by the sheer joy of learning. Thank you immensely for laying the foundational stone of her educational edifice with your unparalleled knowledge, sincerity and dedication.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We would be happy to speak to any prospective parents.”

Pimlico Family:

“In the end, we are delighted with our son’s results: 11+ place at St. Paul’s School and 13+ place at King’s College School Wimbledon. The service provided was comprehensive, including the following:

– detailed understanding of the school curriculum and teaching methodologies
– intimate and school-specific knowledge of the top academic senior schools’ entry process and requirements
– pertinent usage of the most advanced learning techniques across different platforms

Our experience with Metal Rocks: the academic and personal impacts were powerful. Our son experienced significant improvements across all subjects, including movement to the top of the year in Maths, which resulted in a boost in confidence and enthusiasm for school. Secondly, in the lengthy build-up period to the assessments, tension and stress were replaced by a degree of excitement, due largely to being well prepared. With expert training from Metal Rocks, the entry process became an exercise in executing against a clear plan, an opportunity to deploy skills learnt in the preceding year. Thirdly, we believe that Metal Rocks gave our son an edge in the process. They had detailed knowledge of each school’s unique requirements, which were helpful in the preparation.

In summary, Metal Rocks introduced a constructive, “can-do” mindset for both child and parents, which delivered exceptional results. We have already recommended Metal Rocks to numerous parents and would have no hesitation in doing so in the future.”

South Kensington Family: 

“It brings me great pleasure to write this letter of reference for Metal Rocks. The tutor is, without doubt, one of the most talented tutors I have met and has made an important contribution to my children’s confidence, education and achievements.

My husband and I are full-time working parents, with neither the time nor the skill set to provide meaningful assistance to our children with their school work, still less to help them prepare for examinations.  Both children are at top academic London day schools. I had previously tried tutors from (all) of the top tutor agencies in London, but found that there was a lack of structure, organisation and frankly progress for my daughter such that it all seemed to be a rather expensive waste of time.

The tutor’s approach was meticulous and rigorous.  She was able to identify gaps early on and fill them, whilst providing my daughter with excellent preparation for her exams – not just in Maths and English but also for the general papers.  She arranged her practice interviews and mapped out the extra work that I could do with my daughter at weekends and the holidays to maximize her potential – and that is just what we wanted to do: maximize her potential rather than shoehorn her into a school that would not be suitable for her.

My daughter was successful in getting into her first choice boarding school and is now excited to start the next chapter of her life.  However, the importance of Metal Rocks is not just about helping my daughter to get into the right school – it is far more than that.  She has helped my daughter re-build her confidence and thrive academically; to re-discover her love of learning; and to learn that hard work delivers results.”

SW London Family: 

“When we embarked on this 7+ journey nine months ago, we were really hoping for just one offer to a good local junior school. In that relatively short time-frame, our son’s progress was exponential from Day 1 and we have Metal Rocks to thank for the “headache” of choosing between FIVE (!!) offers to absolutely top London school, including Westminster Under, St Paul’s Juniors and King’s College Wimbledon Junior School.

Not only did our son benefit from the tailored approach and structured teaching process, but we as parents also felt completely at ease with the guidance provided to us on weekly basis. The sessions were varied, unique and promoting the inquisitive learning aspect, whilst feedback was given on regular basis so we knew exactly how help him along the way. The relative weakness points were spotted immediately and worked on with planned consistency until they actually became strength areas and the attention to details was phenomenal. In our memory, there was not even one lesson that our son didn’t come out without a smile on his face.

In the world of few information about the ever-changing admission standards, we actually were quite surprised to be guided so accurately when the crunch time came. We also very much appreciated the timely responses to whatever concerns we had but, more importantly, it really felt as if another family member was working with us on our goals. They are Educational Rock Stars!”

West London Family:

“I would highly recommend Metal Rocks Education Advisors to anyone preparing for the 7+ and 8+ exams as the support is comprehensive and unique, all delivered to a high standard. No one in London offers a comparable service and amazing track record!

My son sat the 7+ entrance exams and he gained entry to one of the top 3 boys’ schools in London. We couldn’t have imagined this success 10 months ago! From start to finish, my son enjoyed his sessions and even looked forward to the next one. The tutor stretched my son to reach his full potential, yet she was fun and engaging. Her approach was thorough and efficient as she is deeply knowledgeable of all the top schools’ admissions standards. She identified my son’s knowledge gaps and weaknesses and worked on them in a targeted manner. We recommend Metal Rocks wholeheartedly.”

SE London Family:

“Our son recently took the entrance exam and secured a place at St Paul’s Juniors. During the tutoring process, we noticed a steady transformation in our son’s attitude towards learning where his abilities were stretched to his maximum potential in a demanding, friendly and positive environment, which he thoroughly enjoyed.  His levels of concentration, aptitude to derive solutions to complex exercises and writing ability increasingly developed over the period.

The tutor’s extensive knowledge and experience of the admission requirements of the UK’s leading academic schools and her ability to keep her young students motivated, focused and results-driven differentiate her from other tutors.  She proved to be very dedicated to the task in hand and was fully accessible for questions and concerns, especially during the tense exam and interview process where she provided relevant and precise advice.

The tutor is both practical and efficient in her approach to unlocking a child’s full academic potential.  Her honest, warm and friendly demeanor– coupled with her results-driven approach resulting in our son being successfully admitted to St Paul’s Juniors–has led us to hold her in very high regard.”

NW London Family:

“My son recently completed the 8+ exam and we received an offer from Westminster Under. Without a shadow of a doubt, my son would not have been in this incredibly fortunate position had we not had the guidance of Metal Rocks throughout this extremely competitive process.

I contacted Metal Rocks a year before the exam having been unsuccessful at 7+ entry. With the previous tutor, we lacked direction and sat endless mock exams with no meaningful results. I felt we needed the input of someone who understood very well the top-tier London cutthroat schooling system. I was pleasantly surprised that when I engaged Metal Rocks, I received not only a professional and experienced tutor to stretch my son academically but also an interview coach, an educational consultant and a parent counselor all rolled up into one person! This is not the typical tutoring practise and service.

Metal Rocks knows what it takes to gain admissions to the top academic schools. The tutor and my son immediately formed a friendly and trusting relationship and he was always eager to have his lessons. The sessions were well structured and focused such that he peaked at the right time with plenty of rests in between. We are eternally grateful to Metal Rocks.”

Fulham Family:

“It is our great pleasure to recommend Metal Rocks who helped our 2 children go through the exam process for 8+ and 11+ entries to competitive London day schools.

Our son received 8+ offers from all 7 schools applied, including St Paul’s Juniors, Westminster Under, King’s College Wimbledon, Sussex House and Wetherby Prep. Our daughter received 11+ offers from all 6 schools applied, including St. Paul’s Girls’ School, Henrietta Barnett, North London Collegiate, City of London School for Girls, Godolphin & Latymer and South Hampstead High.

At our first meeting following the assessments, the tutor gave us great insights into the academic schools in London and discussed our children’s potential. She got to know each of our children very quickly and taught them using different approaches. In addition, the tutor was constantly challenging our children in interesting and engaging ways to achieve their full potential. The fact that they both received offers from all the schools applied showed that they consistently met, if not exceeded, the standards required by the top London academic schools.

Another reason we wholeheartedly recommend the tutor is her wonderful personality. She was always passionate and enthusiastic about teaching and both our children adored her. She not only developed them academically, but also nurtured their self-confidence, soft people skills, outside interests and growth mindset. As a result, they always looked forward to their weekly lessons, gained confidence and flourished.

Equally important and uniquely among tutors, she was also a great mentor to us parents. Without her guidance, emotional support and knowledge throughout the entire process from beginning until end, we wondered how we could have ever survived this emotional rollercoaster process for two children! When offer deadlines were fast approaching and we agonised between 2 great schools, the tutor walked us through the pros and cons of each school and introduced us to knowledgeable people who provided great insights that gave us comfort and peace of mind when making our final decision.”

St John’s Wood Family: 

“We would like to strongly recommend Metal Rocks as a tutor for selective and super selective school admissions. The tutor  played a key role in my son receiving firm offers from all the schools we applied for 7+ entry: Westminster Under School, St. Paul’s Juniors, King’s College Wimbledon, Highgate and UCS.

In our view, and based purely on what we saw with our son’s progress, the Metal Rocks tutor’s key strengths are as follows:

– her comprehensive and holistic approach from tutoring the child to advising the parents on strategy and positioning from start to finish;
– her patience and ability to understand our son’s learning style enabled her to deliver the most effective teaching methods;
– her collaborative approach and direct access ensured we always knew what’s happening with an adequate amount of homework between sessions;
– her deep and extensive knowledge of the intricacies and specific requirements of the different schools made her contribution and support invaluable;
– her professionalism and communication enabled us to work as a team to provide spectacular results for our son.

She went beyond the required curriculum and was able to push our son but she had always done this in a very calm and structured manner. Even after receiving the offers, the tutor was available to walk us through the pros and cons of each school based on her experience. More importantly, she developed a good rapport with my son who thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

We have no hesitation in recommending Metal Rocks to other parents who want their children to be well-prepared for the examination process at super selective schools.”

From one Mother to another: 

“Dear xxx, we remain extremely grateful for your excellent and incredible recommendation of Metal Rocks. The tutor had been incredible. She turned things around and allowed our son to get in the best school we could hope for him. I hope I will get to meet you in person to thank you properly. xx”

~Response:”Metal Rocks makes dreams come true!”

SW London Family, Teacher Feedback:

“I wanted to briefly touch base with you with regards to xxx in Maths this term. I have noticed a huge change in xxx recently during Maths lessons. Not only has his attitude vastly improved, but he is now more focused in lessons, is challenging himself and the work he is producing is of a significantly higher standard as a result. He comes to lessons with a smile on his face, willing to learn and is listening carefully while I am talking. I have been thoroughly impressed with him since the start of this term and I feel that I am now beginning to see what xxx is truly capable of. In order to further challenge him, I asked him to teach a Maths lesson to the rest of the class, to which he willingly agreed. It has been a real pleasure teaching xxx since the start of term. If he keeps this up, I am looking forward to seeing him reach new heights.”

St. John’s Wood Mother:

“My son recently completed the 11+ boys examination process and received offers from St. Paul’s Juniors and Westminster Under School for an 11+ place.

We started working with Metal Rocks in the summer when my son finished Year 5.  Prior to this we he had worked briefly with separate English and Maths tutors for around 2-3 months, but progress with them had been slow and we were uncertain if he was on the right track.  When his Year 5 year-end exam results weren’t as sterling as expected, even in his strongest subject, we met with Metal Rocks.

Right from the start they had great insight into the schools we were applying for, and we realised that to be in contention for these top academic schools, we would need to raise the standard of work being covered and approach the material differently.  The tutor was able to clearly explain concepts to aid swift understanding of material and highlight key areas of particular importance that were commonly examined.  She aimed to stretch a student so that there would be few surprises on the exam day.  With the short time we had, she was able to successfully prepare my son for the 11+/13+ computer pretest in November, which directly led to him sitting the January 11+ examinations for both these schools.

The tutor was tireless in her energy and enthusiasm throughout the process.  She is a patient and calm teacher and her knowledge of the requirements and standards sought by the top London schools is a great asset that cannot be undervalued.  I have no hesitation in recommending Metal Rocks.”

South Kensington Mother:

“I thought you would like to know that we are receiving very positive feedback from school.  Whilst she still has some way to go, they have noted a complete change in attitude and confidence.  I think you should be taking the credit!  She is working hard at home now and seems less fearful of her maths. In the meantime, I am very happy for you to push her.  Whatever you are doing is working.  She has increased confidence and appetite to work – which is brilliant.”

South London Mother:

“My son was tutored for the 7+ exams by Metal Rocks. We would thoroughly and without reservation recommend Metal Rocks to be one of the best and impressive tutors specialising in this very competitive 7+ exam. Their approach and services are very different from what one would find from the traditional tutors that similarly prepare for entrance exams. Their materials, approach and ethos are unique, and they supports you and your child throughout the entire process.

We have had an excellent experience and a highly successful outcome with my son receiving offers from Westminster Under School and King’s College Junior School, which undoubtedly would not have been possible without tuition and support from Metal Rocks.

We further benefitted from their detailed knowledge of the examination and interview process at the schools that my son sat for. Importantly, the materials were bespoke and tailored towards the curriculum of these institutions. We found their material to be very different from those shared by other tutors, an indication that a lot of careful preparation, research and thought have gone into it.

My son was relatively weak in English and Creative Writing when he initially began with Metal Rocks, a key focal point for institutions such as Westminster. Hence, the tutor placed more focus on this area. By the time of the exams, my son was writing wonderful stories under her guidance and she had also instilled in him a love for writing – something I didn’t think could happen! We also received interview and activity day practice, which is generally not offered by all tutors.

Compared to other tutors, their approach is much more holistic and aimed not just at passing the exams. My son has made excellent progress in English, Maths and creative writing, all of which should hold him in good stead at his future school. More tellingly, my son himself very much enjoyed going to the lessons as the tutor used a variety of different methods to keep him engaged and productive.”

SW London Family:

“If anyone knows how to crack 7+ exam system, it is Metal Rocks. My son couldn’t have passed all the 7+ exams, interviews and group assessments without Metal Rocks’ help. My deepest appreciation to Metal Rocks who made it all possible by giving amazingly prompt advice throughout on top of all academic coaching. My son received offers from all 3 schools that he applied to at 7+: Westminster Under School, St. Paul’s Juniors and King’s College Wimbledon. Thank you, thank you so much!! I would recommend Metal Rocks to anyone who is prepping a child for the 7+ and 8+ exams.”

N London Family:

“Metal Rocks provides a real personal touch. They really knows what they are doing and the passion penetrates

through their teaching. The tutor taught my son for 2 hours every weekend over a six month period. She was professional, supportive and very helpful. She really built an effective rapport with my son and I. Whilst she is goal-oriented, she maintains a holistic approach, a combination which is rare to find amongst other tutors I have come across.”

Jake, 9:

“My tutor teaches me many things such as fractions, descriptive words, mental maths, 12x tables, writing longer stories and much more. She is nice and makes learning interesting, teaching it in a fun way. I strongly recommend her to students.”

Shari, St. John’s Wood:

“We are so thankful that we have met you. Jake truly loves the time he spends with you and, frankly, there is no replacement for you!! Next year we want to add time for Daryn!”

SW London Mother:

“Metal Rocks provides private English and maths tuition to my now 6 year-old son and English private tuition to my now 9 year-old son. The tutor has impressed me from the start for being incredibly professional yet very friendly and engaging, capturing the attention of my energetic 6 year-old son for a full one hour and a half and receiving an unexpected level of responsiveness on his part. After a few weeks, my son blossomed, his reading improved dramatically, he took on math tasks which I would not have expected a 5 year-old boy to be able to grasp and his willingness to do well and challenge himself was visible. His school teacher noted that “something just clicked.” At home, he was happy and looking forward to his weekly class.

After a couple of months, I asked Metal Rocks to assist my eldest son for an upcoming creative writing school test. The tutor gave him a “crash course” of two lessons providing him with techniques and guidelines which his previous English tutor had never motioned but which proved to be extremely effective. I therefore asked her to continue tutoring my eldest son in English.

Metal Rock’s knowledge of the English school curriculum at every age is outstanding and translates into thought through lessons with no time wasting and with the right level of difficulty. The tutor’s teaching style takes into account the child’s strengths and weaknesses, balancing the need to create a strong basis with that of stretching the child’s abilities. With older children, she applies a level of insight on the ultimate goals which is well-above the age range of the child but is communicated in a child-friendly way and is easy to understand and follow. Metal Rocks provides as much support for the children as for the parents. They guide parents on how to obtain the best academic results out of their children with detailed and easy suggestions. I have no hesitation to strongly recommend Metal Rocks.”

Four Months Later

“Second best in the class!!!!  (Year-end  assessment results followed.) Thank you for the fantastic work!!!!”

Primrose Hill Mother:

“Thank you for the reassurance of your ability. My friend speaks very highly of you and your amazing ability to motivate children to succeed through hard work and confidence gained from that.”

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