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Why buy made-up exams when you can have your child take actual past school entrance papers for free?

You have no need to search the web as we offer here the largest collection of free eleven plus past papers and thirteen plus past papers available anywhere: over 160 schools and over 2,600 exams.  We upload new exam answer keys for sale every day, but we also offer hundreds of mark schemes for free.  7+ exams, 8+ exams, 9+ exams, 10+ exams, 12+ exams, 13+ Scholarship Papers, 14+ exams and Sixth Form specimen papers are all here and continuously uploaded as schools make them available to us.  To search for any of our thousands of exams by school, age or topic, simply use the search function on the left.  Please email us at info@metalrockseducation.co.uk with any questions or comments.


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