Studying in a quiet, private space is best, right?  That’s not what the research finds best.  Intensive immersion in a topic is the best way to study, as everyone knows?  Nope.  Are you a “visual learner”?  There is no such thing.

The article below summarizing the findings of cognitive science is worth a read.

Such theories have developed in part because of sketchy education research that doesn’t offer clear guidance. Student traits and teaching styles surely interact; so do personalities and at-home rules. The trouble is, no one can predict how.

Yet there are effective approaches to learning, at least for those who are motivated. In recent years, cognitive scientists have shown that a few simple techniques can reliably improve what matters most: how much a student learns from studying.

Takeaways from the article: study in multiple places, mix the subjects in one sitting, tests are powerful learning tools, putting more time between study sessions better cements recall and lots of other interesting insights.


Forget what you know about good study habits

By Benedict Carey
Sept. 6, 2010
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